Does That Are UnClear And Dont Know What This IS For I will explain, This Chat is if you didnt come on a certain day.And I will be Making more to let you know any bad stuff had happened like today!

Alright lets get on to it!

So Today We Just Found Out All Staff Members have currently got op resetted So If You Guys Need Help We Wont Unfortuanally help you since we can't help u without our op to tp to u guys

So Thats What Had Happened. We Will Try To Get it Back and Help You Guys In The Server

And If You Didnt Know

We will need staff now called: Community Manager

I know you guys might think that Astro is the Community Manager But He Retired some Months Ago To Build More Things And More Plugins on his own Server without asking permisson and can get his own Plugins.

If You Want To Earn This You MUST Show Respect,Kindness and Help Staff And The People Who Are Playing at The Server

I hope You Enjoyed And Good Bye!

-Raven {Owner}

Have A Nice TIme!